3D Layout and Previz 
Below, you will find some examples of projects for which I was responsible for setting up 3D cameras and previsualizing scenes.
Example 1
On this project, to assist the cel animation team, I created all the shots in 3D and animated the cameras. Then they were able to simply draw over the grayscale renders. Along with setting up cameras, I also helped the director construct the edit and figure out timing.
Example 2
This project was both to previz the entire explainer video as well as set up and animate all the cameras for the animation team. I worked closely with the director to construct the edit and figure out timing.​​​​​​​
Example 3
This is a short film I conceptualized and created. I envisioned it as car commercial with more of a cinematic flair. Simply we follow the ford mustang down an open road backed by Boston's "More Than A Feeling"
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